Vodafone Rally de Portugal to offset carbon emissions

10 maio 2023

The carbon emissions from more than 96,000 litres of fuel consumed during the four days of the 56th Rally of Portugal will be offset by BP Portugal through BP Target Neutral.

The Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP) estimates a consumption of more than 96,000 litres of fuel – 98 gasoline, WRC gasoline, diesel and jet fuel – for all vehicles involved in the race, including competition cars, organisers’ vehicles, control and security equipment, helicopters, GNR and firefighters.

BP Portugal, through BP Target Neutral, will offset the carbon emissions calculated from the fuel consumed at the rally. Carbon emissions are calculated on a tank-to-wheel basis, covering only fuel consumption during the race.

BP Target Neutral will withdraw the equivalent amount of carbon credits generated by global projects that reduce emissions, some of which contribute to improving the lives of millions of people through better access to energy, health, education and employment.

Carbon credits come from emission reduction projects, which are independently verified and, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, some contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Good environmental practices have been a hallmark of the Vodafone Rally of Portugal which, since 2017, has held the maximum level of environmental accreditation by the FIA. This ‘Achievement of Excellence’ has been mandatory since 2018 for all WRC rallies.

A reduction in paper consumption, environmental communication and training, prevention of soil and water pollution, transport and the integrated management of solid waste, are the points checked by the FIA before the certificate is awarded.

The importance of the Vodafone Rally of Portugal in defending environmental sustainability was also highlighted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the first case of success in motorsport for environmental sustainability.

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