Vodafone Rally de Portugal from the 11th to the 14th of May

07 março 2023

The Vodafone Rally de Portugal has been confirmed on the 2023 World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar, taking place between the 11th and 14th of May. The Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP) race will be the fifth stage of a calendar made up of 13 rallies and with news.

"We are extremely proud to have the Vodafone Rally de Portugal once again confirmed on the WRC 2023 calendar. Above all, it is recognition of the quality of our organisation and the passion of the Portuguese for motorsport and rallies in Portugal, which this year has resulted in an impact of 153 million euros for the national economy. Even more so when this calendar reinforces Portugal's prominence in the rallies held in Europe", underlines Carlos Barbosa, president of ACP.

The calendar starts with the Monte Carlo Rally, from 19-22 January, and ends with the Japan Rally, from 16-19 November. The Vodafone Rally de Portugal, one of the most emblematic races of the World Championship, opens the dirt stage in Europe (after Mexico, also on dirt surfaces), following the Croatian Rally.

Big news on the 2023 calendar are the return to Chile, which debuted at the World Cup in 2019, and a new tripartite event, the Central Europe Rally (on asphalt), at the end of October, which will take place in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

“We are determined to bring the WRC calendar back to the pre-pandemic panorama, with a good division of events between Europe and the other continents", says WRC Promoter Director, Simon Larkin. “There was a high demand for a limited number of events, but we are delighted with the breadth and variety of events on the next calendar. It will be a great challenge for the drivers and a fantastic spectacle for the fans of each country," he highlighted.


WRC 2023 Calendar

Monte Carlo 19 - 22 January

Sweden 9 - 12 February

Mexico 16 – 19 March

Croatia 20 – 23 April

Portugal 11 – 14 May

Italy 1 – 4 Jun

Kenya 22 – 25 June

Estonia 20 – 23 July

Finland 3 – 6 August

Greece 7 – 10 September

Chile 28 September - 1 October

Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic and Germany) 26 – 29 October

Japan 16 – 19 November

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