02 maio 2022

Rally Guide 2

Rally Guide 2 English version

English version

Rally Guide 2 Portuguese

Portuguese version  

Appendixes 1 - Itinerary

WRC - SAS Tracker
User Manual

SAS Tracker Competitor User Manual SAS Fitting Kit Manual

For your and other competitor's safety, it is important that you are familiar with the use of the WRC tracking unit. The SAS System is designed to increase competition safety by providing safety notifications to inform event management, improve response times and provide accurate and reliable even times. Click on the images and learn how to install this technology in your vehicle.

Supplementary Regulations
and Addendums

 Supplementary Regulation - 2022

Supplementary Regulations

Addendum Toyota - 2022

Addendum Toyota

Addendum Peugeot - 2022

Addendum Peugeot

Addendum CPR - 2022

Addendum CPR

Rally Guide 1

English Version

Portuguese Version  


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