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Rally de Portugal's history starts in 1975, succeeding to Rally TAP, with an organization by Automóvel Club de Portugal. The names of the most famous international rally drivers are written in its ranking (Photos from Martin Holmes and Interslide)

An history made of 45 editions

Founded in 1900, Automóvel Club de Portugal (ACP) has always paid a very special attention to motor sport in Portugal, being responsible for the organization of the most important events from the international calendars.

It was no surprise that, in 1967, ACP had put on the road the first edition of the TAP Rally, a competition that in a short notice granted an enormous international prestige and, only six years later, it joined the first World Rally Championship.

TAP Rally, and later Portugal Rally, had been responsible for glorious pages of success in World Championship history, being crowned for five times “The Best Rally in the World” and has been considered in 2000 “The Most Improved Rally of the Year”.

After being taken away by FIA from the WRC calendar, the new ACP’s board, after President Carlos Barbosa’s election, work very hard from 2004 to put Portugal Rally again in the WRC calendar, what has been achieved in 2007, with Algarve roads as scenery.

As a result of the events rotation in the WRC calendar, Vodafone Portugal Rally has been out of 2008 Championship, but was back in 2009, receiving the unanimous applause from drivers, sporting authorities and Media.

Find in the pdf file the complete list of its 45 winners.

6 of Nov of 2010


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